Your Supplier of Commercial Bathroom Accessories

As a commercial restroom supplier, Oregon Linen provides you and your business with dedicated customer service and top-notch commercial bathroom accessories like air fresheners, bowl clips, and deodorizers. Our products keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Our regularly scheduled deliveries will make sure that you have a steady supply of bathroom products, and we can accommodate your needs regardless of how many restrooms you have at your business.

Bowl Clips

Our toilet bowl clips are both effective and discreet. Keep your toilet bowls smelling clean and fresh with these great products. You and your staff will notice them right away as they work to eliminate the smells at the source. They last longer than other bowl clips and come in a variety of scents. We deliver them on a regular basis, so you will never have to worry about running out.


These are some of our most popular commercial bathroom accessories. They can fit into any type of bathroom, as they are designed to simply keep the air fresh and free of any excessive odors. You can invest in one of our metered aerosol products for a regular spay of aerosol, which is just what you need if you want your restrooms to have continual freshness. They can be programmed to spray every few minutes or once an hour.

Oregon Linen promises to provide you with all of the commercial restroom supplies that you need to keep your restrooms fresh. Set up your regular order and never worry about replacing these products again.  As providers of commercial restroom supplies, we make sure to give you and your business quality restroom products.