Towel Suppliers

At Oregon Linen, we take great pride in our towel rental service. Through this service, your company receives a regular order of linens and towels to meet any need you have of them. From shop towels for automotive work to standard janitorial towels, we’ll get you the clean towels you need on a regular basis. 

When you sign up, we provide the towels, pick them up when they’re used, and supply a fresh batch at the same time. No delays, no shortages. Just fresh towels whenever you need them. This frees you from the need to purchase replacements or put time into laundry. If your business needs towels, we’re the towel supplier for you.


Many of the tasks performed by automotive specialists require continual cleaning. Whether they’re performing an oil change or replacing tires, grease and grime will build up on their towels. If those towels aren’t available, it causes problems. There’s always a need for a stocked towel supply. We’ll make sure it’s always there. 

Food Service

Few industries require consistent cleanliness for customer safety like the food service industry. Towels are a critical part of keeping things clean. From the employees themselves to the many surfaces in the industry, towels keep it all dry and ready for anything. With fresh towels delivered on a regular basis, the last thing on the manager’s mind will be towel supply.

Janitorial Specialists

Cleaning towels are essential for the janitorial industry. Without a consistent supply of fresh towels for their many duties, the job is unnecessarily difficult. And if there’s any job that you don’t want to be made more difficult, it’s the janitor’s. At Oregon Linen, we’re determined to provide these professionals with an unbeatable towel rental service. We make sure that they have fresh, clean towels, so they can do quality work every time

We Fold Our Towels

No more bags of loose towels. We know what a hassle it is to fold towels during a shift, and Oregon Linen is all about making things easier for our customers. That’s why we expertly fold our towels before they come into your business. That way, instead of assigning an employee to do this menial task, they can keep doing their job. 

We Inspect and Grade Our Towels

Our towels aren’t just dumped from their collection bags and tossed around machines until they’re dry. We inspect every towel that comes through our doors for processing to ensure that it reaches our standards of presentation. If a towel is too damaged or stained to get a high enough grade, we take it out of circulation. That way, the only towels that your customers and employees see are clean and ready to go. 


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