Towel Suppliers

At Oregon Linen, we take great pride in our rag and towel rental service. With this service, your company will receive a regular order of linens and towels to meet all your cleaning needs. From shop rags for automotive work to standard janitorial towels, we’ll get you the cleaning supplies you need on a regular basis. We provide the towels, then come back to deliver new ones and pick up the old for washing. This frees you from the need to purchase replacements or put time into laundry. If your business needs towels, we’re the towel supplier for you.


Many of the tasks performed by automotive specialists require a little cleaning. Whether they’re performing an oil change or replacing tires, it’s not surprising for grease and grime to build up on their towels and rags. As your towel supplier, we’ll deliver fresh, clean towels, and we’ll take care of washing those that you’ve used.

Food Service

It’s critical for everyone in the food service industry to stay clean at all times, and to keep the area around them clean, as well. We provide food service businesses with durable towels that they can use to keep their establishments clean. Fresh towels are delivered on a regular basis, and the dirty ones are taken away at the same time to be cleaned. This service takes pressure off of managers, who no longer have to worry about purchasing or cleaning towels.

Janitorial Specialists

Cleaning is the name of the game for these hardworking men and women, so they need a constant flow of fresh cleaning supplies in order to do their jobs. At Oregon Linen, we’re determined to provide these professionals with an unbeatable towel rental service. We make sure that they have fresh, clean towels, so they can do quality work every time