Restaurant Linen Supply
and Service

Keeping things clean can become a chore when you have to also laundry all of the towels and rags you use on a daily basis.  Let Oregon Linen take care of the towels so you can focus on the cleaning.
A restaurant can have some of the best entrees and appetizers in the world, but it will suffer as a business if linens, staff, and work stations aren’t kept clean. Oregon Linen can’t make your food taste better, but we can give your kitchen staff and servers the uniforms and linens they need to be successful. We offer an unbeatable restaurant linen supply and service that will keep your establishment pristine.

Restaurant Linen Service

One of the first things a customer interacts with at your restaurant will be the linens. A delicious meal can be forgotten if they have to deal with stained linens. Now, as a restaurant owner, you already have your plate full, so to speak. You’re focusing on payroll, getting fresh ingredients, staying relevant, and all the other factors that make a restaurant successful. Let us take care of your linens with our restaurant linen service. We deliver a fresh restaurant linen supply regularly and take away the used ones. With a constant cycle of clean linens, you’ll have more time to focus on other matters.

Chef and Wait Staff Uniforms

Don’t let customers make assumptions about the skills of your chef and servers based on unclean uniforms. Place a reoccurring order of restaurant uniforms from Oregon Linen and make sure your employees always look professional. We take care of the laundry and deliver clean and pressed uniforms every time.

Mops and Floor Mats for Kitchens

For a restaurant to be successful, the kitchen must be clean and safe. This relies on a diligent staff and high-quality cleaning utensils. We can’t hire good employees for you, but we can provide them with comfortable floor mats and super-absorbent mops. Our mops will keep your floors clean and safe while our mats give your cooking staff a comfortable place to stand during their shifts.


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