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Fix-It is here to fix your garments!

If you’re a client of Oregon Linen, you have access to a technological marvel in garment rental. The Fix-It app is a revolutionary step towards ensuring your garments are 100% ready every delivery.

What is fix-it?

When a garment gets damaged or stained, it will stay that way unless specific attention is paid to it. The Fix-It app provides that attention. Once the damage is registered in Fix-It’s system, we can then isolate the garment in question and repair it accordingly.

Are there other benefits to the Fix-It app?

We at Oregon Linen are committed to bettering the environment, and the Fix-It app makes upholding that commitment easier. With targeted cleaning and repair objectives provided by the app, we can limit the manpower, energy, chemical requirements, and transportation costs that a repair miscommunication might cause.

Why should I use fix-it?

Aside from streamlining the garment repair process, the Fix-It app provides our clients control over delivered items never before possible. No longer reliant on phone calls or verbal indications without record or accountability, the Fix-It provides both.

Get your garments fixed the first time

With this kind of technology available, there’s no reason to accept garment repair shortcomings. If you’re ready to leave unreliable service and unfulfilled expectations behind.

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