Workwear Rental and Uniform Providers

Let Oregon Linen be your uniform providers through our great uniform rental services. A clean and spotless uniform can make or break a customer’s first impression of a business. The effect is amplified with every added employee that interacts with that customer. Of course, a dirty uniform is unavoidable in industries like sanitation and automotive repair. But having your employees wearing the same dirty uniforms day in and out can be avoided. We can provide your whole staff with clean uniforms on a regular schedule, so you can be confident that everyone will look presentable. We service a many different businesses.


We can provide independent body shops and commercial automotive service providers with clean and pressed uniforms. We have a wide selection of different uniforms to choose from, such as traditional mechanic shirts, coveralls, branded polos, and button-up shirts. Our uniform rental service can provide uniforms for front office workers, as well. We’ll bring you fresh uniforms on a scheduled day, and we’ll take away used ones to be washed at the same time. We’ll make sure that you have a constant supply of clean uniforms.


From chef uniforms to servers’ shirts, we have a uniform for everyone in your establishment. You will be able to complement the delicious food you serve with a well-dressed and presentable staff. Our regular deliveries can make sure your chefs are always in their finest whites and waiters in spotless shirts.

The people who work these tough jobs provide the rest of us with necessities like fresh water, electricity, telephone lines, and heating and cooling. They deserve fresh, clean uniforms on a regular basis, and we’re proud to be their uniform provider as they diligently work to make sure the rest of us have everything we need for our daily lives. We install our own custom HI Vis trim, so you know your uniforms are in safe hands.