Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

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Utilities and industrial uniforms are integral tools for protecting workers and improving performance. However, they need to come from a trustworthy and reliable provider for them to be worth the money. Otherwise, they run the risk of not protecting your staff. There’s only one service that fits that bill.

Oregon Linen Has the Utilities and Industrial Uniforms You’re Looking For!

Utilities and industrial uniforms are Oregon Linen’s specialty! We’ve been supplying them throughout Southwestern Oregon since 1944. We’ve led the industry in quality this whole time because our uniforms are:


We thoroughly test each of our products for their ability to withstand the rigors of utilities and industrial jobs. After all, if they can’t stand up to sharp objects, flammable materials, and other extreme conditions then they won’t do much good. If they don’t meet our high standards, then we go back to the drawing board until we can provide our clients with something worth their money.


Utilities and industrial jobs are often very dirty and their uniforms aren’t usually associated with cleanliness. That’s where Oregon Linen comes in. We wash each uniform in our commercial laundry facilities in a comprehensive process that leaves no contaminants behind.


In those same facilities, we closely monitor each uniform for rips and tears with advanced tracking technology. Our team of well-trained specialists repairs what they can while we fully replace everything that they can’t. Our goal is to return uniforms to our clients in the same condition as our new products, every time.

Get High-Quality Utilities and Industrial Uniforms From Oregon Linen!

Oregon Linen is your one-stop-shop for durable, clean, and well-maintained utilities and industrial uniforms. Our industry-leading quality is unrivaled and you can start today! Call us at (541) 672-1663 or direct any inquiries here for a free quote!