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It takes more than high-quality uniforms and high-tech uniform care to meet your most persistent uniform management needs. For truly satisfying solutions, tailored to suit your business’s unique situation, trust the only uniform service in Oregon that can provide the results you need: Oregon Linen!

The Most Experienced and Reliable Local Uniform Service in Oregon

Oregon Linen offers a wide selection of uniforms for businesses in different industries. Each is specially tailored to your employees’ specific needs, helping them perform at their best while remaining safe and comfortable. We offer:

Automotive Uniforms

Your automotive facility deserves a uniform rental service that can not only keep up with your needs but let you stay on top of your uniform supply and requirement demands. Your business needs Oregon Linen! We provide top-notch uniform care that lets you beat even the dirtiest of stains from your day-to-day operations.

mechanic uniforms
utilities uniforms

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Outdoor work? High-stakes projects? Our uniform rental service can take them all on! Oregon Linen’s highly advanced laundry technology and highly-skilled team of experts are more than capable of bringing the best results for your utilities and industrial uniforms.

Restaurant Uniforms

Oregon Linen also specializes in the care of restaurant uniforms. We ensure uniform cleanliness that exceeds the highest hygiene standards required for the food service industry.

restaurant uniforms

Cities and Towns in Oregon We Service

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Why Oregon Linen?

Oregon Linen is Oregon state’s local uniform service expert. We do more than just pick up your dirty uniforms and deliver clean ones. We work closely with your team to help make your uniform management as seamless, efficient, and cost-friendly as possible.

And with our personalized approach and dedicated customer support, you can trust that the solutions you receive suit your needs perfectly. What are you waiting for?

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