Commercial Floor Mats and Mops

Though they don’t usually get the spotlight, reliable commercial floor mats and mops have a place in nearly every type of business. From big industrial sites to small commercial shops, floor mats and mops keep floors safe and tidy. Jobs that require people to stand on their feet become all that much easier when they have one of our anti-fatigue mats to stand on. We can also supply you with a regular supply of mops that will keep your floors spotless through our great rental service. Learn more below.
We carry a wide selection of floor mats, all of which can serve many vital roles around your office or business. Our entryway mats are, of course, the kind of mats that you see at the front entrance of most businesses. Their usefulness comes from their rubberized bottoms, which keep them from moving underfoot, and their hard-abrasive tops, which help remove particles like dirt and road salt when people come inside.

We also offer anti-fatigue mats for rent. These mats are designed for those whose jobs require prolonged periods of standing in one spot, like chefs or assembly line technicians. All of our mats come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the layout of your business.

A business’s reputation can suffer if the place has excessively dirty floors. Worse yet, someone could get hurt when they take a nasty fall on an improperly mopped floor. This can also lead to a lawsuit, so that at the end of the day poor mopping leaves your customer injured and you facing a hefty bill.

To avoid that sort of thing, it’s important that your business has a supply of quality mops. Get rid of the hassle and let Oregon Linen provide you will a steady stream of fresh and clean mop heads. Our commercial floor mops for rent come in a range of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the right one to keep your floors clean and your customers safe.