Quality Assurance

quality assurance

When you use a linen service, the quality and safety of the uniforms, towels, mats, and restroom supplies you receive shouldn’t be in question. Between the safety of your employees and the health of your customers, there’s simply no room for error. That’s why Oregon Linen implements every possible means to ensure safe processing and delivery of your important materials. 

Protective Wrap for All Linen Items 

Though the processing stages are important to getting perfectly clean linens consistently, the transportation stage can’t be ignored. Contaminants can infiltrate at any stage if precautions aren’t taken, and those contaminants can be hazardous to health. No matter the industry, dirt, dust, and the microbes they carry can’t be tolerated. 

That’s why Oregon Linen provides plastic wrapping for all linens after cleaning. The non-permeable cover protects the linens from outside elements while also sealing their freshness. 

Personal Items Returned Without Fail

Items left in pockets, accidentally dropped in laundry bags, or lost in the bustle of business should find their way back to you. There’s nothing worse than losing something valuable or personal. Accidentally sending it to your laundry provider shouldn’t be a hopeless situation. If something is found belonging to your business or its employees, Oregon Linen will send it back! 

Clean and Neat Delivery Points 

Our cleaning and folding processes ensure that every article of clothing or linen that leaves is up for their tasks. When delivered, uniforms and towels from Oregon Linen will be clean, presentable, and ready to use! No excuses, no substitutes, just results. 

We Inspect Every Garment

If you’re accustomed to double checking all the materials you get from your current service provider, get ready to regain that time. Oregon Linen takes pride in the uniforms, linens, and towels that we send into the world. As a result, any materials that fall below our expectations because of staining, damage, or age, are repaired or removed from circulation. That way, you can concentrate on what matters to your business, and we’ll keep things looking good. 

We Make Sure You Get Your Items

At Oregon Linen, we always have your business covered. We get you your products, even if we have to ship them! Nothing can stop us from delivering the important items you need, when you need them. It’s a level of dedication that you can only get from the reliable experts at Oregon Linen.

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