Industrial Linen Service
and Uniform Rentals

Industrial business and employees work hard and need their areas to be as clean as possible. Oregon Linen keeps these industrious individuals and companies going by providing them with fresh uniforms and cleaning supplies.

Industrial Uniform Rentals

The majority of industrial jobs requires their employees wear some sort of uniform. We can provide and clean these uniforms through our industrial uniform rentals. From the shipping industry to hardware production, we keep hard-working men and women clothed in pristine, freshly washed uniforms. Our service will keep your staff looking presentable, so when a prospective client or company bigwig stops by the factory floor, you won’t have to worry about shabby uniforms making a poor impression.
Industrial environments tend to face more dirt and grime than other business settings. Machine shops and warehouses see a completely different type of foot traffic than other jobs, so they have drastically different cleaning requirements, as well. Whether you’re looking for anti-fatigue mats or basic mops, Oregon Linen can supply you with the industrial equipment you need to keep your business safe and clean.

Industrial Linen Services

Industrial companies deal with their fair share of stains and spills on a daily basis. They need cleaning supplies that are durable and can stand up to hard work. That’s why these companies stand to benefit from our industrial linen services. We’ll supply linens that can handle the job, and then we’ll wash them, too. Let us handle this repetitive task, so you don’t have to waste money buying, washing, and replacing linens.
Industrial bathrooms need to be cleaned like any other restroom in any other type of business. Make sure yours is clean with our restroom supplies. From deodorizers to bowl clips, we can keep your restrooms relaxing and pleasant.