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Staying on top of your restroom’s supply needs should not be a full-time job! Get in touch with Oregon’s number one restroom supply service expert: Oregon Linen!

Complete Restroom Supply Services from Oregon Linen

Upgrade your restroom care with a comprehensive restroom supply service only from Oregon Linen. With Oregon Linen, you can expect:

A Wide Selection of Commercial Restroom Supplies

Oregon Linen offers a complete selection of products to help you stay on top of your restroom upkeep. We offer various paper products, cleaning supplies, and odor control solutions, including metered automatic aerosols that will significantly reduce your janitorial burdens.

Cost-Efficient Solutions for Your Supply Needs

Oregon Linen believes that restroom supplies should not come with ridiculous costs. That’s why our restroom supply service is designed to keep prices down without jeopardizing your satisfaction or convenience.

On-Time, Accurate Supply Service by Oregon Linen 

Oregon Linen specializes in quality and satisfaction. More than just ensuring the quality of your restroom supply products, our biggest mission is to secure the availability of your supplies. Our dedicated team of experts will stay on top of your inventory, effectively preventing shortages, delays, and the hassles that come with these issues. 

Better Restrooms Start with Better Products

Oregon Linen helps you keep your bathrooms clean, impressive, and approachable. With better products and the convenience of automatic supply replenishment, you can lower the pressure on your janitorial needs.

 Our selection is carefully curated to include only high-quality, safe, and cost-efficient products fit for your brand. And with friendly prices and even friendlier service representatives, we ensure efficiency, convenience, and complete satisfaction.

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Let Oregon Linen help you take care of your business’s restrooms! Call us at (541) 672-1663 to sign up for service, learn more about our products, or request pricing information. You may also fill out this form to send us your inquiries!