Commercial Floor Mops

Dirty floors are bad for your business! Make floor care easier and more effective with the right cleaning tools from Oregon Linen.

Oregon Linen’s commercial floor mops are all the help you need to enhance your floor care.

Commercial Floor Mops for Your Business

Oregon Linen offers you the right product selection and reliable maintenance services for your floor mop rental needs:

  • Options available. Different areas require different treatment, and the right floor mops can help you with that! Oregon Linen has a wide selection of commercial floor mops to suit your different needs.
  • High-quality, durable products. Oregon Linen ensures the quality, durability, and full functionality of our commercial mops supply. They are designed for your intense, heavy-duty cleaning needs, bringing better, more satisfying results with every clean.
  • Top-notch maintenance from Oregon Linen. Dirty mops don’t make clean floors. Poorly maintained mop heads might be spreading more germs than they are cleaning. Get the easiest way to the cleanest mops from Oregon Linen. Our commercial floor mops service provides clean, disinfected mop heads. You can trust that your deliveries are ready and safe to use!

Oregon Linen: In The Business of Reliability

Since 1944, Oregon Linen has been providing reliable services for local businesses in the southwestern Oregon region. Our services are more than just transactions. Our deliveries are more than an exchange of goods. What we bring are partnerships. 

We are here to take care of the things that take you out of your business. Cleaning your mops. Laundering your linens. Replacing your mats. Oregon Linen gets these done so you can put all your energy where it matters. 

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