Restaurant Uniforms

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Delighting your diners is a full-time job. Don’t let the constant need for clean chef and waitstaff uniforms weigh your operations down. Focus on what matters and go with Oregon’s most trusted name in restaurant uniform service: Oregon Linen!

Restaurant Uniforms in Oregon

Oregon Linen offers the most comprehensive uniform service in Oregon. Our service is ideal for use in restaurants of any type or size, covering your needs from front-of-the-house to the busy kitchen. Our service guarantees:

Complete Uniform Selection for Your Entire Team

Peruse our wide variety of chef uniforms, waiter uniforms, and other apparel to choose from.

Clean Service with Every Delivery

With reliably clean uniforms delivered when expected, your employees will always look sharp and ready!

The Most Durable Restaurant Uniforms in Oregon

No kitchen is too uncomfortable or too grueling when you have the right uniforms. Oregon Linen supplies uniforms that meet the highest standards of quality and durability and are able to withstand the heat of the kitchen as well as the demands of day-to-day service.

Top-notch Professional Maintenance Guaranteed

Oregon Linen takes care of your chef and waitstaff uniforms the only way we know how: excellently and efficiently. The entire process, from handling to washing, has been carefully calculated to deliver the best solutions and the most satisfying results.

Don’t Let Dirty Uniforms Bring Your Operations Down

Restaurant uniforms affect your branding and employees’ performance. That is why only the best ones should end up in your staff lockers. And the best ones in Oregon? They’re right here at Oregon Linen.

We have the perfect combination of topnotch product selections as well as optimum maintenance and handling to make sure that your uniforms get the best care, and your needs get the best solutions.

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