Bowl Clips

Quality bowl clips can take a bathroom experience from gross to classy in two seconds. All that’s needed is installation and a quality provider to keep your business’s toilet bowl clips fresh. 

Nothing chases customers away faster than smelly restrooms. Don’t let that happen to your facility! With Oregon Linen’s facility service, it’s easier than ever to keep your restrooms smelling fresh.

Toilet bowl clips are the easiest odor control solution for public restrooms. They are easy to install and even easier to replace. And with Oregon Linen’s restroom supply services, keeping up with your supplies is simple:

Effective and Discreet Bowl Clips

Keep them guessing about how you’re keeping your toilets looking and smelling so fresh! Our bathroom supply is designed to blend seamlessly into your restrooms. No one wants to be reminded about the unpleasant parts of restroom maintenance, and our bowl clips are meant to do exactly that. Choose from a variety of pleasant scents.

Ideal for Many Commercial Situations

There’s no reason for smelly restrooms. No matter how big, small, posh, or casual your facility is, there’s an Oregon Linen bowl clip to suit your needs.

Complete Convenience from Oregon Linen

Oregon Linen makes restroom maintenance easy, fresh, and breezy! We are not only your number one source of the best odor control solutions for your restrooms. We also have an efficient supply management system that makes sure your facility service materials arrive on-time and accurately. It is your best advantage against shortages and smelly restrooms.

The Restroom Maintenance Solutions Expert

Oregon Linen understands how demanding running a business can be. Nothing is ever too small to be negligible, especially when customers are directly involved. Keeping up with multiple toilets on a daily basis, however, can get difficult fast.

Take a break from the hassle and get on with the most convenient way to keep up with your restroom supply needs. Get help from Oregon Linen.

Our deliveries are on-time, our products are top-notch, and our service is always excellent. With Oregon Linen, you can focus on the things that matter. For the rest, Oregon Linen’s got your back.

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