Professional aerosols can turn an unpleasant restroom experience into a peaceful moment.

Smelly restrooms have never been good for any business. Get the quickest and most effective solution to smelly bathrooms with aerosol air fresheners from Oregon Linen!

Oregon Linen gives you the boost and the helping hand you need to meet your space’s upkeep requirements. With top-notch products, dependable service, and competitive pricing, you can never go wrong with Oregon Linen.

Our aerosol supply service is your all-around, reliable odor-control solution:

Range of Fragrances

The perfect scent can do wonders to your space. And we have a wide range of options to choose from.

High-quality, Non-toxic, Longer-lasting

Oregon Linen offers quality and safety. Our non-toxic aerosol air fresheners are high-quality and longer-lasting than most retail brands.


Continuous, Automatic Freshness

Our aerosols come with automatic, metered aerosol spray options. No matter the demand or odors, our professional aerosol fragrances have your back. 

Consistent Supply

Oregon Linen also takes air freshener shopping off your to-do list. Our excellent delivery service is always on-time, accurate, and your best defense against supply shortage.

Oregon Linen Aerosols Take Care of Your Space

Clean, fresh-smelling restrooms are a non-negotiable – no matter what type or size your business comes. And we are here to help you get that! Our restroom supply service and odor control solutions make it easy and hassle-free.

With superior products and on-time supply replenishment, you will never again have to worry about being caught in an unpleasant, smelly situation with your customers.

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