If the question “how well is your uniform service performing?” makes you remember a laundry list of late or incorrect deliveries, poor customer service, or low-quality materials, it’s time to ask some tough questions. Here’s what to focus on when thinking about uniform service performance. 

How Well is Your Uniform Service Performing? Here’s How to Find Out:

Your brand’s image is only one of the many things at stake when it comes to your uniforms. That is why you need an Oregon uniform service provider that delivers and. And an underperforming one is definitely not worth a single cent of your investment.

Here are the questions you need to ask “how well is your uniform service performing?”

Are Your Uniforms Delivered Consistently On Time?

Uniform shortages can have serious repercussions on your business. It can affect your operational efficiency and can even put your employees’ safety at risk! Your facility needs more than just basic uniform pickups and deliveries. You’ll need a service provider that can guarantee consistent, on-time deliveries and pickups, and ensure zero interruptions to your operations.

Do Your Uniforms Meet Your Cleanliness and Quality Requirements?

The quality and cleanliness of your uniforms are not only essential to ensuring the presentability of your uniforms. They are crucial to ensuring that your uniforms retain their most important, functional qualities. They are also essential in ensuring that you get the most of both your uniform investment and their useful lifespan. If your uniform service provider can’t meet that, you’re getting substandard service.

How Often Do You Experience Inaccuracies in Your Invoices?

The accuracy of your invoices is the best gauge of your service provider’s integrity. One mistake is one too many, especially since it involves your money. If your service provider leaves you scratching your head over too many discrepancies, they might be short-changing you.

Switch to Better Uniform Service in Oregon with Oregon Linen!

If you’re seeing yourself in at least one of these worst-case scenarios, it’s definitely time to get out of that underperforming partnership. It’s time to make the switch to better uniform service with Oregon Linen! We offer:

  • Superior uniform selections. Oregon Linen maintains the strictest standards in the industry for quality control. Our inspection process ensures that every aspect of your uniforms has been checked and verified for their most important qualities. You can trust that your uniforms are always durable and presentable, whether they’re standard restaurant uniforms or industrial apparel.
  • Superior uniform care. Oregon Linen uses industry-leading uniform maintenance technology in our facilities to ensure that your uniforms get the best care. Your uniforms get clean, dependable results that you can be proud of.
  • Transparency and support. Your trust and confidence mean the world to us. That is why we deliver our service with integrity. We maintain straightforward, transparent service in every area of our operations, especially in our billing and invoicing. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges with Oregon Linen! You can scrutinize every item on your bills and know what they are, every single time.

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