Utility uniforms get dirty quick, and need to be cleaned quicker. With experienced and ready uniform service, your customers will only see a clean and ready workforce. Get the professional confidence that comes with always clean uniforms with Oregon’s best utility uniforms and laundry service.

Oregon Linen is the Last Utility Uniform and Laundry Service You’ll Ever Need

For over 7 decades, Oregon Linen has been providing utilities uniforms and laundry service throughout southwestern Oregon. That history has shaped our company practices to supply only the best for our customers. Here are four ways we are unique from our competitors. d

Wide Variety

Oregon Linen understands the importance of utility workers for the rest of society to function. Without them, there wouldn’t be clean water, electricity, or heating/cooling. They deserve to work with uniforms that help them continue to excel at their jobs.

We offer a wide range of designs so that utility workers of various kinds have what they need. From sanitation specialist green to road worker orange, each comes in several different colorful options. No matter the profession, Oregon Linen has utility workers covered. 

Commercial Laundry Service

Utility workers take on strenuous and often dirty jobs. Doing so in a clean uniform will help them do their jobs efficiently and comfortably. Maintaining in-house laundry is a nightmare for most businesses which is why Oregon Linen offers its own commercial laundry service. 

Our sophisticated equipment has never met a stain or chemical it wasn’t capable of dealing with. With advanced tracking technology, we guarantee that no rip or tear will ever pass by us without being immediately repaired. If that isn’t possible, we replace each uniform at no additional cost. 

Steady Stock

Maintaining stock is just another hassle that Oregon Linen helps its customers avoid. We understand that there are far more important things for clients to focus on. This is why we strive to always have what they need in stock no matter the outside circumstances. 

The quality and durability of each of our products is key to how we keep our customers from suffering from shortages. When the global supply chain is interrupted, we barely feel it because our products are designed to last and be reused indefinitely. Oregon Linen is prepared for outbreaks and economic downturns so our customers don’t have to worry about their stock. 

The Color Green

From the very beginning, Oregon Linen has been focused on environmentally-friendly initiatives. Even as far back as the 1960s, we have used water reclamation systems and recycled everything we can. Today, we use advanced technology to preserve energy and reduce waste as much as possible.

Oregon Linen’s status as a local, family-owned business allows us to focus on the communities we serve. We are committed to the growth of local businesses through outreach and quality service. We work hard to provide each of our customers with the best bang for their buck so that we both thrive. 

Oregon Linen Has the Utilities Uniforms and Laundry Service Your Business Needs

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