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Oregon is home to many different businesses, all of which have their own unique needs and struggles. In particular, uniforms vary across industries and are necessary for every business’s success. There is only one uniform service in Roseburg, OR that can meet the highest standards of every industry.

Oregon Linen Provides High-Quality Uniform Service in Roseburg

Since 1944, Oregon Linen has led Oregon as a uniform supplier. Our uniform service in Roseburg stands out in a crowded field of competition because of our specialized products for each of the following industries:

Automotive Uniforms

Automotive shops are often dirty and use dangerous equipment. Oregon Linen’s automotive uniforms are durable enough to withstand continued use and high-stress environments. We also maintain them ourselves in our commercial laundry facilities. A clean automotive uniform reflects well on the professionalism of the company brand. That’s why we work hard to ensure that every stain, rip, and tear is completely dealt with before returning them to our clients

roseberg auto uniforms
roseberg utilities uniforms

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Utilities and industrial uniforms are necessary for the protection of their wearers. Whether dealing with heavy machinery or dangerous, flammable equipment, we have the most reliable uniforms in Oregon! This includes maintenance to ensure the continued protection of all employees.

Restaurant Uniforms

We provide uniforms for everyone from the front to the back of the house. Each one is specially tailored toward the many unique roles that restaurant staff fill. They retain the most optimal appearance and comfort the entire time to help employees perform at their best. We also ensure they are always clean and ready to go in our laundry service.

roseberg restaurant uniforms

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Oregon Linen’s uniform service in Roseburg, OR covers businesses of all kinds! We tailor each of our uniforms to the specific needs of various industries and with their wearers in mind. Sign up today by calling us at 1-541-672-1663 and a customer service representative will be happy to help! Interested in more information or a free price quote? Fill out this form!

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