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There are numerous companies in Oregon with their own set of demands and concerns. Uniforms, for example, differ dramatically across industries and are necessary for every business’s success. Oregon Linen provides uniform service in Myrtle Creek, Oregon that businesses require to maintain a consistent supply.

Oregon Linen Provides the Most Reliable Uniform Service in Myrtle Creek

For over 70 years, Oregon Linen has been a professional uniform service in Myrtle Creek. We provide top-tier uniforms to the following industries:

Automotive Uniforms

Oregon Linen’s automotive uniforms durable and professional-looking always. No matter the work environment, our uniforms, professionally manged and cared for, will keep automotive employees looking great. 

automotive uniforms myrtle creek
restaurant uniforms myrtle creek

Restaurant Uniforms

We understand a restaurant’s success is dependent on the team functioning as one. Properly fitted and managed restaurant apparel makes staff members to look their best and feel comfortable while they work hard to provide your consumers with a fantastic dining experience.

Our cleaning procedures maintain both the appearance and comfort of the uniform, ensuring that your employees will always appear smart and be protected from stains or spills.

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Oregon Linen’s workwear is not only necessary for the safety of its users, but it is also dependable and trustworthy. Our workwear will keep your employees safe, whether they are working with heavy equipment or hazardous chemicals! We also include routine maintenance with every purchase, so you can be certain that your staff is kept safe and functioning at their peak.

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At Oregon Linen, we offer customizable uniforms for different Winston industries such as automotive, utility, and restaurants. Browse our wide selection of uniform options to find the perfect one for you!

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