Uniform Service in Lookingglass, OR

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Here at Oregon Linen, we always put our customers first. We understand that each business is unique and has different needs. Whether your uniforms are vital to your company’s success or not, they still need to look good and function properly. That’s why our uniform service in Lookingglass is so versatile and dependable. You can count on us to keep you fully stocked!

Oregon Linen: The Best Uniform Service in Lookingglass

For over seventy years, Oregon Linen has remained dedicated to providing top-notch uniform service in Lookingglass and the areas surrounding it. We’re proud to serve the following industries:

Automotive Uniforms

The uniforms from Oregon Linen are perfect for those who need to look professional while working in a garage or workshop. Our commercial laundry service will make sure they always look their best.

Waiter in Luxury Restaurant

Restaurant Uniforms

Oregon Linen provides restaurants with not only good-looking, but also comfortable uniforms. Our repeated cleaning procedures guarantee the uniform’s spots will stay vanished and looking fabulous so that providers in the restaurant can work cohesively and hand guests an outstanding dining experience.

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Not only will Oregon Linen’s workwear keep your employees safe, but it is also reliable and trustworthy. Whether your staff is working with heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals, our workwear will keep them protected! With every purchase, we offer routine maintenance to ensure that your employees are always operating at their best in terms of uniform reliability.

Worker in uniform and helmet works on lathe

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At Oregon Linen, we provide uniforms for those in the automotive, utility, and restaurant industry. With a wide selection of uniforms to choose from at our store located in Lookingglass, OR, we are confident you will find the one that meets your needs! If you would like more information about our products or services please give us a call at (541) 672-1663 or fill out our contact form on our website.