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Oregon Linen knows that unique requirements exist for every business. Our primary aim is to provide tailored solutions to a wide array of clients. Uniforms are a vital aspect in various industries, and they need to be of the highest quality and appearance. With Oregon Linen’s adaptable uniform service in Kellogg, you’re setting your business up for a steady supply and success!

Uniform Reliability in Kellogg from Oregon Linen

With over seventy years of expertise, Oregon Linen uses its wealth of resources to offer first-rate uniform service in Kellogg and surrounding regions. We take great pride in catering to a variety of sectors such as:






Automotive Uniforms

These uniforms exude a polished, professional aura, even in challenging settings like garages and workshops. Our industrial laundry services ensure that your uniforms remain clean, thereby lifting team morale and sustaining high levels of productivity throughout the day.

Automotive Uniforms in Drain, OR
Restaurant Uniforms in Kellogg, OR





Restaurant Uniforms

We supply stylish and cozy uniforms that augment your guests’ dining experience. Consistent maintenance ensures that your staff looks immaculate, adding to a memorable meal for your customers.




Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Our sturdy, reliable work clothes are engineered to safeguard your team in different scenarios. We offer attire ideal for dealing with hazardous materials, intricate machinery, and other challenging situations. Complimentary ongoing care services are included to keep your uniforms in optimal condition.

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms in Kellogg, OR

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Oregon Linen boasts a wide selection of meticulously designed uniforms for the automotive, utilities, and restaurant industries. Visit us in Kellogg to discover the ideal uniform solution for your specific needs. If you require further details or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (541) 672-1663 or complete the online form on our website. A member of our team will happily discuss your needs and address any queries you might have. Rely on our uniform service in Kellogg to keep your staff looking exceptional.

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