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Many companies operate in Oregon, each with its own set of demands and issues. Uniforms, for example, differ significantly across sectors and are required for every company’s success. Oregon Linen is ready to supply businesses in Green, Oregon with the high-quality apparel they need.

Oregon Linen Provides High-Quality Uniform Service in Green

For over 70 years, Oregon Linen has been the uniform provider in Oregon. We provide professional uniform service to the following industries in Green.

Automotive Uniforms

Oregon Linen provides durable automotive uniforms that can withstand frequent use and high-stress settings. In addition, we maintain them in our business laundry facilities. Our automotive uniform service is perfect for mechanics, shops, and dealerships, and has a good reputation for professionalism.

automotive uniforms
industrial uniforms

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Workers’ safety is dependent on their uniforms. Workwear is necessary for the protection of its wearers, whether they are dealing with heavy equipment or potentially dangerous equipment and environments. We have the most trustworthy workwear in Oregon, including regular maintenance that ensures employee protection!

Restaurant Uniforms

Oregon Linen’s restaurant uniform service can clothe every member of your team. The uniforms we provide are designed specifically for its position, and our cleaning processes preserve both appearance and garment comfort. Our restaurant uniforms are always clean, and will protect employees and guests alike.

restaurant uniforms

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Oregon Linen is the premier source for all of your uniform needs in Green, Oregon! Our automotive, utility, and restaurant uniforms are customizable to the particular demands of various industries and your preferences.

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