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Oregon Linen is proud to be the premier provider of uniform service in Grants Pass. As a local family-owned company, we aren’t just a big franchise, we help our fellow local businesses succeed. We offer customized solutions in a wide range of industries. At Oregon Linen, we know how vital uniforms are to your business, so we provide the highest standards of quality and design. Let us streamline your uniform needs, saving you time and money. 

Reliable Uniforms in Grants Pass with Oregon Linen

With a legacy that spans seven decades, Oregon Linen is the industry leader in uniform service in Grants Pass. We reliably serve a vast number of industries, including:






Automotive Uniforms

In the rigorous environment of garages and autobody shops, it is crucial that uniforms be durable yet professional. Our uniforms convey that sense of professionalism, but are sturdy enough to stand up to the daily demands of automotive work. Oregon Linen’s industrial laundry service ensures that the uniforms are in excellent condition regularly. This level of quality and comfortability helps improve team spirit and increase productivity levels.

Automotive Uniforms in Grants Pass, OR
Restaurant Uniforms in Grants Pass, OR





Restaurant Uniforms

Favorable first impressions are paramount for the restaurant industry, and uniforms play a pivotal role in that. Comfortable, yet resilient uniforms are important for your staff. Consistent upkeep of these uniforms guarantees that your staff maintains a pristine and polished look, vital for cultivating an inviting atmosphere. Our range encompasses chef wear, server ensembles, and front-of-house garments, all prioritizing both comfort, fashion, and practicality.




Utilities and Industrial Uniforms

Oregon Linen’s uniform service in the Grant Pass industrial sector can’t be beat. These outfits are engineered to protect employees dealing with hazardous materials, operating heavy machinery, or working in tough conditions. These superior uniforms remain in top condition with our maintenance service. Our designs focus on safety and durability, able to withstand the demands of the industrial environment.

Utilities and Industrial Uniforms in Grants Pass, OR

Connect with Oregon Linen for Uniform Service in Grants Pass

Whether your business is in the automotive, utility, or restaurant industries – explore our comprehensive selection. For more information or inquiries, reach out to us at (541) 672-1663 or through our website’s contact form. Our team is renowned for their expertise and outstanding customer service. As a family-owned local business, we treat our customers like family and are excited to work with you. Let us be your trusted source for uniform service in Grants Pass.

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