Automotive Towel Service

Professional-grade towels for mechanics, auto shops, dealerships, and more.

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Solid automotive towel service is a necessity for mechanics to do what they do best. Messy tasks require towels that get the job done and that’s where Oregon Linen comes in.

What Oregon Linen’s Automotive Towel Service Provides

If you’re looking for the highest quality automotive towel service at the lowest rates, Oregon Linen is the only company worth your time. There are four ways we stand out from all the rest:

Deep Cleaning

Automotive professionals get their towels dirty beyond belief. After all, replacing tires and changing oil aren’t a clean process. However, Oregon Linen is dedicated to making it as much of one as possible. We perform a highly detailed and thorough cleaning of all towels brought to us. That way, everything returned to you functions as if you’re buying it new.

Durable Material

Towels rip and tear easily, especially when doing heavy-duty automotive work. We use the most durable textiles we can to ensure that you aren’t in constant need of new products. Customer retention is important to us as a family-owned business and we know quality products will keep clients around.

Constant Supply

Very few things are as frustrating as paying for a service that doesn’t deliver on the quality it promised. That’s why our comprehensive inspections weed out towels that don’t meet our standards. When found, we repair them to the best of our ability and if that isn’t possible, replace them entirely with brand new ones free of charge. You will never run out of our towels if we have anything to say about it.

A Hassle-Free Process

A good automotive towel service will be on their clients’ minds as little as possible. Oregon Linen works hard to make sure that our clients have constant support and a clear understanding of every step of our process. We are punctual in our deliveries and make sure everything purchased from us works as advertised.

Oregon Linen: The Last Automotive Towel Service You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to automotive towel service, you won’t find much better than Oregon Linen. You can start today by calling us at (360) 647-2974 or directing your inquiries here to learn more.

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