Unforeseen hurdles that come with nature’s unpredictable elements are capable of derailing even the most well-oiled machines. Achieving excellence from start to finish in business demands constant care, often in ways unseen. Managing a successful business is a round-the-clock endeavor, and each month has the potential to bring new challenges. But when it comes to winter, those challenges seem to confront businesses more frequently and with more ferocity. Oregon Linen will prepare your business for winter with a comprehensive service unparalleled by others in our industry. Here’s how we make a difference:

When the Going Gets Tough, We Get Tougher

Snow season offers convenient excuses to pull the reigns back on great service. Customers expect slower service with more hiccups in the midst of a relentless winter onslaught. When we see our competitors take their foot off the gas, Oregon Linen puts the pedal to the metal. Winter presents a valuable opportunity to prove why we are in a league of our own.

Products That Speak for Themselves

We understand actions speak louder than words. Empty promises disguised in flowery language run rampant in our industry. We buck that trend by bringing a versatile catalog of exceptional products that go toe-to-toe with a volatile winter. Here are just a few of the industry-leading products that make us the premier linen and uniform service in our beloved state of Oregon:

Mats and Mops

Mats and mops are the most effective defense against the dirt and excess moisture tracked with heavy foot traffic. Slip-and-fall risks are a major concern in winter. Our rubber-backed, slip-resistant mats eliminate risk with an absorbent, professional flourish. For the mess too big, our high-quality mops are the reinforcements you need to absorb spills quickly and effectively.


Maintenance to project your best image requires spot cleaning throughout the day. Oregon Linen towels are as plush as they are absorbent. For the messes that call for a quick fix, we have the solutions.


A spotless, professional employee image is mandatory. Communicate an unwavering commitment to your staff and guests with a uniform that shows you value first impressions. Protect your staff from winter’s curveballs with a rugged, high-quality uniform that looks as good at the end of the day as it does in the beginning.

Stress-Free Deliveries 

The #1 issue plaguing businesses in winter is the headaches caused by delayed deliveries. Oregon Linen will prepare your business for winter by alleviating the burdens that distract you from bringing your best and replacing them with solutions. Being in business since 1944 has empowered us with invaluable insights. We step up to the plate and thrive during harsh winters. Specialized delivery routes ensure through rain, hail, sleet, or snow, you never suffer a lapse in first-class service.

Elevate Expectations with Oregon Linen

Thanks to our premier product line, backed by seamless delivery systems, advanced inventory tracking, industrial laundering, repairs, replacements, and a passionate customer service team, we deliver custom solutions to your unique needs. Oregon Linen is the #1 option to prepare your business for winter. Call us today at 541-672-1663 to start your service, or email us to learn more about our products and services!