To keep up with a booming economy and ever-growing sectors, our cherished residents deserve reliable workwear uniforms in Oregon. Oregon Linen provides attire that is a physical representation of their selfless dedication to the cutting edge. Our team of experts weaves every thread in workwear uniforms to protect and enhance performance. 

It doesn’t end there. Creating a superior product is just the first step to becoming the most trusted provider of workwear uniforms in Oregon.

Something for Everyone

Where other providers may settle for a one-size-fits-all approach, we don’t. Different environments call for different strategies, different garments, and different appearances. No matter what, the quality stays consistent, and your employees will enjoy the best in durability and comfort during a grueling workday. When the going gets tough, our workwear uniforms get tougher. We provide workwear uniforms in Oregon for each of the following industries:


Where sparks fly and corrosive chemicals run rampant, stay prepared with the tools to protect your employees from the inherent dangers of the automotive industry. Oregon Linen sees uniforms as a viable, highly effective line of defense in an unforgiving industry. From mechanic shirts, coveralls, branded polos, or button-ups, each product brings out your best while keeping that professional image you want to reflect your business. 


Whether in the front or back of the house, restaurant staff deserve comfortable uniforms to ease the burdens of a high-octane shift spent on their feet. Presentability and positive first impressions mean everything in food service. Oregon Linen takes pride in promoting both with our restaurant uniform service. Let your staff be an extension of the first-class service you strive to provide with absorbent, comfortable uniforms that take the day head-on.

Industrial and Utilities

The simple luxuries we enjoy in the modern age are easy to overlook. Electricity, running water, heating, and cooling are utilities that allow Oregon to function at its best. Without the people bravely working these jobs as well as the industrial workers who keep our society moving, we’d go back to rubbing sticks together for fire! Oregon Linen workwear uniforms offer clean, high-grade material that demonstrates how we’ve never lost sight of those that work these underappreciated jobs. We also install high-visibility trim so that even in the dead of night, your employees are seen. 

Dress to Impress

Present a clean, professional image when you trust Oregon Linen to provide you with unmatched workwear uniforms in Oregon. We excel everywhere from supply, pickup, cleaning, repairs, and replacements. Our catalog features selections that range in size and purpose, with customizable options that tastefully advertise your brand.

Oregon Linen Workwear Uniforms Raise the Bar

Quality control is treated with the utmost care. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we know it won’t meet yours. We’ve served Oregon since 1944, and we have become embedded in the fabric of our community. Trust Oregon Linen to provide a service with the family touch only we know how to bring. Call us today at 541-672-1663 to join our family, or reach out online to learn more!