Company uniforms are amazing tools that serve a variety of purposes. They can represent your brand, protect their wearers from the elements, and encourage your employees to perform at their best. In many industries, they’re necessary to ensure the business continues to function smoothly. The best way to acquire company uniforms in Oregon is through the Beaver State’s leading provider: Oregon Linen.

Why Oregon Linen?

Since 1944, Oregon Linen has provided company uniforms in Oregon to businesses in need. Our products and services stand out in a crowded field for many reasons, including:

High-Quality Designs

Oregon Linen’s company uniforms use comfortable, durable materials that fit their wearers well and look stylish. They last for long useful lifespans and allow for a full range of motion thanks to their ergonomic design. We pride ourselves in servicing a variety of industries, including providing more specialized uniforms for automotive, food service, and industrial businesses.

Reliable Laundry and Maintenance

Oregon Linen maintains the extensive lifespans of our products with our thorough commercial laundry service. We clean stains, chemicals, bacteria, and more from every uniform so it is safe and ready for use. We also repair uniforms in need to quickly deal with rips and tears before they get out of hand. By the time we’re done, our clients can’t tell the difference between brand new uniforms and used ones we’ve taken care of.

Thorough Inventory Management

Oregon Linen uses reliable, sophisticated tracking technology to keep a close eye on every company uniform. This allows us to not only better sort every item based on their cleaning and maintenance needs. It also serves as a great means of improving inventory management for our clients. If something goes missing from our clients’ inventory, we will notice it quickly and provide a replacement uniform free of charge. This way, our clients can focus on what matters most and not worry about having fresh uniforms in stock for their employees.

Decades of Local, Family-Owned Service

Oregon Linen has provided uniform service in Oregon for over 75 years. As a local, family-owned business with so many decades of experience, we are the ideal partner for businesses in need of uniforms. We hire locally and closely self-regulate our ecological footprint to ensure our impact on the communities we serve is positive. This way, working with us means investing in your own community!

Contact Oregon Linen to Secure Company Uniforms in Oregon!

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