Uniforms are a constant in the lives of many employees. They serve a variety of functions but one of the most overlooked is why uniform quality matters to employees.

The Main Reasons Why Uniform Quality Matters to Employees

Uniform quality is easy to maintain with the right help, however, it’s important to understand why it matters. Businesses that provide their staff with high-quality uniforms stand out from competing employers. Here’s why:

It Shows Their Employers Care

Many businesses require uniforms but don’t provide them. Oftentimes, companies push that cost onto the employee so they can save money. Businesses that invest in uniforms are also investing in their staff and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Providing uniforms for employees shows them that both their presence and role in the overall business are valued. Employee productivity and retention are far higher for businesses that put in effort for them.

It Makes Them More Comfortable

The right uniforms enhance comfort in the workplace. They use comfortable materials and are designed with wearers in mind, lasting for long periods without issues. They keep employees safe from the potential dangers of their workplace. This includes electrical wiring for utilities jobs and heavy machinery in automotive workplaces. Both contribute toward making employees more comfortable in their jobs and translate into increased productivity and retention.

It Strengthens Loyalty and Camaraderie

Caring for employees and providing them with comfort already increase productivity and retention on their own. Another added benefit of high-quality uniforms is the loyalty and camaraderie they inspire. Uniforms are effective branding tools for more than just customers. They remind their wearers that they are part of the overall team and so is everyone who wears them which improves loyalty. It also removes barriers that normally exist, encouraging cooperation and interaction between employees which improves camaraderie. 

Oregon Linen Offers High-Quality Linens for a Variety of Businesses

Oregon Linen has over 75 years of experience providing the best uniforms in the Beaver State. We are a family-owned business that understands the importance of treating employees with the care and respect they deserve. That’s why all our uniforms are:

  • Durable. Oregon Linen services businesses in many different industries where workers regularly experience dangerous conditions. We ensure they remain safe with only the most durable products in the state. Each of our products is specially designed for their specific industries so they continually and effectively protect wearers.
  • Comfortable. Each of our uniforms is made with comfortable materials and ergonomic design principles. We know employees will be wearing them for long periods and that’s why we ensure they remain comfortable the entire time.
  • Well-Maintained. Oregon Linen maintains every item ourselves in our commercial laundry facilities. This ensures that our products remain usable and safe for the long run and that our clients always have what they need in stock.

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Uniform quality matters to employees and that’s why it’s important to go with a service that provides it. Oregon Linen’s uniform service is too good to miss out on and easy to sign up for. Just call 1-541-672-1663 for more information or to speak with a representative. You may also contact us here for a free quote!

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