Uniforms might seem like a mundane aspect of managing a business. However, there’s so much more to them than just what your employees wear. The right uniform service benefits Oregon businesses in ways that are too useful to ignore! In order to explain how, let’s take a look at the problems they solve.

Common Struggles for Oregon Businesses

Oregon has its own share of struggles that, while not unique, mix together dangerously for businesses here. Here are the most common:

Big Expenses

Running a business is expensive, and even more so with the supply chain difficulties the country is experiencing right now. Everybody is finding places to lower costs.

Tight Labor Market

While the ongoing pandemic isn’t helping matters, Oregon has had a tight labor market for years. Job openings are back to pre-pandemic levels, but there are far fewer workers available than there are jobs. Labor shortages are nothing new to many industries, but they always take their toll on the company budget, especially for small businesses.

Extreme Weather

Oregon is known for having relatively cold winters but nothing compared to some of its neighbors. Its summers are usually a tourist attraction with A/C being very uncommon. However, the Beaver State has recently proven to be unprepared for heatwaves. With hundreds of deaths across the Pacific Northwest, Oregon workers need the right protection against extreme temperatures.

Oregon Linen’s Uniform Service Benefits Oregon Businesses by Avoiding These Problems

Oregon Linen has over 65 years of experience providing businesses in the area the uniform service they need to succeed. Here’s why working with Oregon Linen benefits your business:

  • Oregon Linen saves your business money. We have competitively priced our uniform service to provide you with the best bang for your buck! Our rental service includes access to top-notch laundry service that we’ll take care of for you. Our team of experts, advanced technology, and reliable machinery ensure quality, reusable uniforms are always in stock. No matter what is going on in the outside world, Oregon Linen will take uniform inventory and maintenance off your plate and provide you with what you need!
  • Uniform service is a hiring incentive. An easy way to encourage prospective new hires to join your team is to provide them with the right incentive. Having access to comfortable, ergonomic, and generally high-quality uniforms tells applicants that your business cares about its staff. 
  • We design our uniforms to withstand extreme conditions. Blizzards? Heatwaves? Extreme heat and cold are nothing when your staff wear our uniforms! Keep them safe with access to our affordable, reliable stock.

Contact Oregon Linen Today!

Oregon is an expensive place to operate a business. That’s why Oregon Linen ensures that our uniform service benefits Oregon businesses. And you can start today! Call us at 541-672-1663 or fill out this form for more information on our products and services.