If you’re looking into outsourcing to an Oregon uniform service, chances are you have to choose between a family-owned, local provider and a national brand. What would be your best choice? If you’re looking for better results, a family-owned, local uniform service company might be your best option. Let’s break down why.

Why Family-Owned, Local Uniform Service is the Better Option

A local uniform service provider gives you more well-rounded, more satisfying, and more complete solutions for your company. Here’s how:

They Truly Know You

Do you really know who you’re working with? With a local, family-owned business, the answer is always a resounding yes. And they know you right back! The national brand chain of command is always far too complex that it creates a disconnect between you and them. All you ever really get to know, at best, is one of their many representatives. 

This hardly happens in local companies. The same people making the policies are likely on the same floor as the people with whom you have direct contact. This opens up endless opportunities to build genuine, lasting partnerships.

They Offer Better Service

Compared to nationals, family-owned local companies are smaller and therefore more intimate. Everybody knows everybody, like an extended family of sorts. The familial spirit extends to their clientele as well. And that’s always to your advantage. 

These are companies that are not restricted by unbendable corporate policies and jargon. They will not leave you on hold with a voice recording every time you call about your needs. They are the ones that genuinely care for your needs as a business. To them, you aren’t just as another name on their client list.

They Give Back To The Community

One of the biggest upsides to working with a local company is how it helps the community. Every dollar you put into your local service provider goes towards strengthening the local economy. Your investment does not end up in the pockets of some far-off corporate executive in another state. It goes to real people within your community. And keeping all that money within the local economy ultimately benefits your business.

Your Best Choice for Family-Owned Uniform Service Provider in Oregon

Your business deserves a partnership, not just another spot on someone’s client list. And in the greater Oregon area, there’s one family-owned, local uniform service provider that gives you exactly that: Oregon Linen!

Oregon Linen gives you professional results with a personal approach. We look at your business for what it is: one that has unique needs that can’t be satisfied with generic services. And our uniform service is second to none. We have:

  • Experience. We have more nearly 80 years of industry experience. We know uniforms inside and out; our garment care process is a well-oiled machine that guarantees optimum professional results.
  • Expertise. Our experience and commitment to you – our customers – is the foundation of our process and expertise. No matter what type of uniform you have, or how complex their care may be, we know exactly how to bring the best and most consistent results.
  • Excellence. Delays and uniform shortages will be a thing of the past when you’re working with Oregon Linen. Our expertise goes far beyond offering the highest-quality uniform selections or ensuring their proper maintenance. We also guarantee quick service turnaround, on-time deliveries, and the most straightforward transactions you’ll find in Oregon.

Give Us a Call Today!

Oregon Linen is your local uniform service partner that will always have your back. And you can start your service today. Give us a call at 541-672-1663 or fill out this form to learn more about the services you’re interested in, or to book a consultation!