A job posting that requires the purchase of a uniform or to “provide your own” is one that won’t get many applicants. Companies that want to attract top-tier talent should offer every possible benefit, especially if it has beneficial effects for the company overall. Uniform service is a powerful way to make your opening even more attractive.

The Effects of Uniform Service

Businesses that want to be successful should be looking to maximize the effects of this service. With the right one, employees thrive in many different ways. However, these are the three biggest impacts on their lives. 

Better Protection

There are few jobs where staff don’t have to worry about physical harm. Healthcare, industrial, food service, and many other industries deal with hazardous and oftentimes potentially lethal situations every day. They need the right uniforms that stand up to sharp objects, flammable substances, low light conditions, and extreme heat or cold. 

Fewer Expenses

Staff have significantly fewer expenses when their employers provide them with uniform service. This means they aren’t financially responsible for laundry, maintenance, or even finding uniforms in the first place. Everyone appreciates saving money, especially those who could really use it to pay for their other bills. 

More Time

Unless you really know someone well enough, it’s impossible to tell what struggles everyone faces in their daily lives. Companies that provide their staff with this service take away what could be a time-consuming hassle. Not only is laundry, maintenance, and uniform searching expensive, it eats up valuable time that employees could use productively at work or in their personal lives. 

Oregon Linen’s Uniform Service Works as an Employee Incentive

Oregon Linen is prepared to offer uniform service that provides every possible benefit to employees and employers alike. We make our uniforms:

  • Durable: Oregon Linen uniforms are designed with users and jobs in mind. We use flame resistant apparel to prevent fires from getting out of control. Our strong, durable textiles will withstand continued interaction with sharp objects. We provide highly customizable uniform options that protect workers from the dangers of low-light environments. Our comfortable and insulated material protects wearers from extreme heat and cold. 
  • Affordable: Employees save money on not having to find, launder, and maintain their own uniforms. On top of this, we spare our clients’ budgets on major expenses with our affordable service. The amount spent on our service is significantly less than what could be lost from understaffing or lowered productivity. We always meet our clients’ budgetary needs with competitive pricing and stock management. 
  • Convenient: It is far more convenient for everyone in your company if a service like Oregon Linen takes care of uniforms ourselves. We focus on ensuring that every uniform is as clean as the day it was purchased and fully repaired or even replaced free of charge. This way, our clients can focus on what really matters to them.

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