Don’t let a subpar industrial uniform service stop your business from moving forward. If you’re looking for a service that will see you through, Oregon Linen is your best bet!

Here’s why:

Our Industrial Uniform Service Means Better Uniforms

Oregon Linen offers an impressive selection of industrial uniforms. Our high standards on quality and our stringent quality control measures ensure that. Each garment goes through multiple levels of expert scrutiny. We do this to make sure that no item is substandard.

OSHA has rules surrounding industrial uniforms. We fully understand the crucial role that they play not only in your operations but in ensuring the safety and comfort of your workers. That is why we make sure that your uniform deliveries meet your standards and expectations.

Our quality control procedure is carried out not only on your first delivery but with every delivery after that. That’s true consistency. That’s true reliability. Furthermore, that’s Oregon Linen quality.

Better Service

Oregon Linen backs up our high-quality products with even better maintenance service. We have a high-performance garment care facility that ensures efficiency and safety. Additionally, with our long-held expertise in industrial uniform laundry best practices, you can always expect clean, safe, and up-to-standard supplies delivered to your facility on-time.

We specialize in reliability, making sure your uniform supply never gets in the way of your operations. Your uniforms should work for you – not you having to work to get results from your industrial uniforms.

Better Prices

Working with a third-party uniform service provider helps you save on the cost of running an on-premise laundry facility. And with the assurance of better, longer-lasting uniforms, you are looking at significant savings. However, not all service providers are made equal – especially where costs are concerned.

At Oregon Linen, we believe that your budget should not have to suffer in the name of quality. Our industrial uniform service is designed to be exactly that. By keeping our processes efficient and effective, we can maintain prices at a much friendlier rate than most of our competitors. No matter how big or small your business is, you can trust that the Oregon Linen brand of quality is readily available for your needs.

Oregon Linen Industrial Uniform Service: What Sets Us Apart

There are many Oregon industrial uniform service providers out there. Some are better than others, but none of them offer better or more satisfying results than Oregon Linen. What sets us apart and ahead of our competition: consistency.

We maintain the same consistent standards in every aspect of our service, are consistent with the reliable cleanliness of our items, and maintain strict customer-first policies. Additionally, we are even consistent about our human resource management practices! We have some of the happiest, most loyal employees. Their joy and dedication to the company and to our clientele are evident in the quality of every item delivered to your doorstep.

Most of all, we are unyielding in our commitment to bring you the best solutions to your uniform needs.  

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