Partnering with a commercial uniform supplier for your Oregon business can be a game-changing investment. The bigger question is: how do you get to Oregon’s best commercial uniform supplier?

What to Look for in an Oregon Commercial Uniform Supplier

Before you’re overwhelmed by the number of options an internet search will find, here are some things to look out for before signing that rental contract:

Professional Product Selection

A good commercial uniform supplier is one that does not only have a wide selection of products to choose from. It is just as, if not more, important to assess the quality of those selections.

Reliable Maintenance Program

Your Oregon uniform service provider should also have a reputable laundry service capacity. After all, uniforms, even the ones of the highest quality, can only be as good as the care they receive. Therefore, your uniform service partner of choice should be able to meet your standards on cleanliness, as well as your volume and efficiency needs.

Rental Program Options 

Different businesses have different needs, and your Oregon uniform supplier should be able to work around the unique specifics of your uniform supply. Look into their service offerings, as well as their flexibility and openness to accommodating your business’s needs.

Competitive Pricing

Commercial uniform supply can be quite pricey if you’re not looking in the right place. Make sure to compare pricing and ask for detailed information on how different potential suppliers price their services and products. Then, weigh these costs against the benefits and against your needs.

Industry-Backed Track Record

What does the community say about your potential uniform supplier? What kind of reputation do they hold among their current and past clients? A company’s track record and reputation can say way more about a business than fancy, elegantly-worded marketing gimmicks. Aside from looking at their reputation, a good measure of a company’s reliability is the average tenure of their employees. How they are as a boss is, in many ways, a good gauge of how they treat their clients. Not only that, but loyal and happy employees are a good indication that your services will be up to par with your standards and expectations.

There is only one name in Oregon commercial uniform service that meets all these requirements and more: Oregon Linen!

Oregon Linen: Your Best Commercial Uniform Supplier

Oregon Linen is the family-owned commercial uniform service expert. Our operations are formed around customer service, excellent products, and a team of garment care experts. We also have one of the most technologically-advanced laundry and garment care facilities in Oregon.

We also have a wide range of uniform products suitable for use in different businesses across industries, offered at some of the most competitive prices you’ll find in the Southwest Oregon region.

But more than anything, our team of experts makes all the difference. Their hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure top-notch products, consistently excellent results, and on-time, accurate deliveries.

Contact Oregon Linen Today!

Your business deserves the best commercial uniform service in Oregon. Call Oregon Linen today at (541) 672-1663 to get started on your service, to inquire about our product availability, or request pricing information.