Looking for Oregon facility service, but are unsure of whether it’s worth it? Or if you’ll be able to count on the facility service you choose? Will they’ll have the quality products you’re looking for? Those are legitimate concerns, and ones that need to be investigated to be sure you’re making the right decision.

The good news is, you’re in the right place. Oregon Linen knows what goes into quality, reliable, and professional facility service in Oregon. We’ve got the experience and quality control to get your desired products to your business regularly.

Don’t let your restroom maintenance needs weigh you down! Oregon Linen has solutions for you.

Here are some of the benefits of Oregon Linen’s facility service:

Oregon Linen Provides High-quality Products

One of the biggest benefits of Oregon Linen’s facility service is the quality of products that we offer. We have used our extensive knowledge of restroom products to ensure that only high-quality products make it to your facility.

But how do we define quality?

Our quality facility products are ones that meet several criteria, primary of these is safety. We make sure that each item meets all OSHA safety requirements. We also make sure that they are manufactured by companies that comply with these standards.

Aside from safety, we also make sure that the items are suitable for a variety of commercial spaces. No matter the type or size of your facility, Oregon’s facility products will be a good fit for your needs. They are easy to use, easy to install, and even easier to replace.

Finally, we make sure our products are effective. Whether it’s the discreet bowl clips or the aerosol sprays, our products do what they are supposed to do.

Oregon Linen Makes Facility Maintenance Easy, Efficient, and Convenient

How hard is it to keep restroom and business spaces clean? Very! Far too many businesses give into the drudgery of consistent maintenance and let it slip. The results: poorly managed restrooms, smelly toilet cubicles, dirty floors, full receptacles.

Depending on the business, keeping a clean restroom is a full-time job. The bigger and busier your space is, the harder it is to keep up! Unless you have the budget for an entirely new department for restroom care, it is near-impossible to consistently accomplish. Letting it go is not an option either. It turns employees off. It turns customers off. It’s also a health hazard to neglect your restrooms.

This is where Oregon Linen is most useful. Our job is to take away a major chunk of your facility service needs. Our Oregon facility service removes the need to go out and replenish your storage closet. You hardly even need to keep an eye out for your inventory and fill out hundreds of order forms!

When you sign up for our Oregon facility service, you can expect efficient, on-time, and accurate product deliveries. You can forget about having to shop to replenish your supplies. Our service makes sure you have all your restroom essentials without taking you away from more important tasks.    

Oregon Linen Makes Cost-efficient Facility Service Possible

Yes, you can save money on your restroom service with Oregon Linen. But how does hiring a third-party company for your restroom supplies help with your cost-efficiency measures? For one, your restroom supply deliveries are at a friendlier price than retail. Second, getting them delivered on a regular basis eliminates much of the overhead cost of replenishment.

Finally, all the time you save in your restroom maintenance efforts translate to saved money. Done right and with Oregon Linen, you’re looking at long-term savings.

Oregon Linen is Your Trusted Facility Service Partner

Get started on your Oregon facility service today or learn more about what Oregon Linen can do for your business. Call us at (541) 672-1663 or send us your inquiries here