Oregon Linen is one of the most established linen service providers in southwestern Oregon. Since 1944, our family-owned, local company has kept a great track record in customer and employee retention. And that’s just one of the things we are most proud of! It means we’re doing something right.

Aside from doing right by our customers and employees, we also work to do right by the environment. We are an environmentally clean linen service provider, and we are striving to be even better at that day by day.

What We Can Do for Your Business

Oregon Linen services businesses in the southwest Oregon area. We offer a variety of commercial linen services and facility maintenance services. This includes:

  • Mat and Mop Rentals for Businesses
  • Restroom Supply Service for Businesses
  • Commercial Towel Rental Service
  • Uniform Rental Service
  • Disinfectants

But what, really, do we bring to your business?


With our careful and precise quality control procedures, you can always expect reliable quality products. No item is too big or too small; everything gets the same thorough inspection. Several times over and then some – for good measure!


From our assurance of accurate, on-time deliveries to our promise of straightforward, transparent billing, Oregon Linen keeps everything easy. We don’t do dirty or complicated business. Our customer-centered approach is designed to protect you from that.  

Peace of Mind

Oregon Linen has been in business long enough to know how difficult it can get for you. Trusting a third-party company with your daily linens and uniforms takes a lot of faith! We will not betray that trust. That’s why we use the best, most high-tech facilities to keep your linens clean. Additionaly, we put protective wraps on all our linens and offer continuous training for all our employees. We do all of this to give you safety and satisfaction.

Complete Customer Support

Our entire service is built around gaining and keeping your trust. We have a customer-centered approach and our customer support policies are built around that. With Oregon Linen, you get to enjoy quality customer service that goes beyond friendly customer reps. We have them ready for you beyond regular office hours as well!  

Oregon Linen: Your Business’s Partner

What separates Oregon Linen from all the others is our mindfulness. For us, being your service provider goes beyond delivering and picking up your linens. It goes beyond a business transaction. Oregon Linen is all about being there for you.

What does this mean for you? It means partnership and long-term commitment. It means sitting down with you to learn about your business’s specific needs and unique challenges. We find solutions that work for you without consulting a generic service book. We make changes where necessary. As our customer, you are always our top priority.

Get Started Today!

It’s easy to see why we have higher customer retention rates than many of our closest competitors. Contact us today to experience the kind of reliability and peace of mind that only Oregon Linen can offer! Call us at (541) 672-1663 or contact us here.