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There’s a perfect commercial uniform supplier for your business, and there’s only one place in southwest Oregon that has the best: Oregon Linen!

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The Commercial Uniform Supplier for Every Oregon Industry

Oregon Linen offers a wide range of commercial uniforms for different industries. With Oregon Linen, you can trust that all your uniform needs will be taken care of. From product quality to cleanliness, accuracy, and efficiency. We know what commercial uniform suppliers need to provide, and we strive to provide it and more.

 We offer:

Auto Shop Uniforms 

Tougher than the toughest grease, our selection of auto shop uniforms is designed to last day after day of demanding auto shop work. Our auto shop uniform selection includes coveralls, branded polos, button-up shirts, and mechanic shirts. 

Utility and Industrial Uniforms

Taxing days and demanding worksites are no challenge for our expertly designed, built, and maintained utility and industrial uniforms. The comfort, durability, and wearability of Oregon Linen’s utility and industrial uniforms. Our wide range of utility and industrial garments serve many purposes: repair, utility service, and any other position in your operation. 

Restaurant Uniforms

Oregon Linen’s selection of restaurant uniforms are the perfect hybrid of durability, wearer comfort, and pristine appearance. With excellent construction, top-notch materials, and the quality maintenance that only Oregon Linen can give, you can trust that these uniforms will impress.

The Excellent Choice for Oregon Uniform Service

Oregon Linen knows uniform service. And we are excellent at it! Every aspect of our service is the result of mindful planning, customer-centric goals, and the kind of expertise that can only come from years and years of hands-on industry experience.

The results speak for themselves:

High-quality uniform selections that meet your standards. Laundry service that cleans and preserves your garments. On-time and accurate deliveries. Integrity and transparency in billing, and dedicated customer service. It all adds up to stress-free, highly-satisfying uniform service. 

High-Quality Commercial Uniforms from Oregon Linen

High-quality commercial uniforms are now within reach. They’re only one phone call away. Get in touch with the Oregon uniform service provider that does it all: Oregon Linen! Contact us here or call us at (541) 672-1663.