The best way to boost employee productivity is by cultivating a work environment that encourages enthusiasm and excitement. Too often, we see businesses sacrificing comfort and safety in favor of the bottom line. Oregon Linen understands that to achieve long-term success, it’s important to keep your staff safe and happy. Their minds are at ease when protected with high-quality and durable uniforms. Empower your staff to work smarter and more efficiently with Oregon Linen’s first-class uniforms.

Uniforms for Every Industry

We source Oregon Linen uniforms with high-quality fabric while never compromising on strength. The integrity of our garments lasts through thick and thin. Whether you’re enduring the heat of the kitchen, getting caught in a spark-fueled crossfire at a body shop, or are suspended in the air working on powerlines, Oregon uniforms are built to brave the harshest conditions.

Increased Focus

Preoccupying yourself with concerns of whether your uniform will protect you means energy is spent on anything but the main task. Uncertainty is the breeding ground for stress and results in sub-optimal work output. Your staff deserves the same value you show your business and customers. Remove the mental hurdles of stress with a real solution in a durable, comfortable uniform that takes safety seriously. 

Reliable Quality Control

So many factors go into ensuring Oregon Linen uniforms are consistently excellent. Because we deal in safety, we can’t afford the mistake of putting a garment that doesn’t meet our standards into circulation. Our employees participate in a continued education program to ensure efficient and quality services without fail. 

Our highly-trained quality control team inspects each garment for stains, tears, or other damage. When we find it, we repair or replace it using a delivery service that withstands whatever nature throws its way. Specialized delivery routes enable us to bring you your uniforms quickly and effectively.

Transparent Service

We respect those we work with and those you serve. That’s why when you trust us as your uniform service provider, you’ll know what to expect from pricing, delivery, and quality. No reading between the lines, no hassle, no headaches, just exemplary service.

Dependable Supply

Because we utilize the most modern tracking systems, we know exactly when it’s time to restock your inventory with fresh and clean uniforms. Oregon Linen is here to serve you, and that means creating a delivery schedule centered around your convenience. Using Oregon Linen’s reliable delivery features, you can keep your staff safe with ease! 

Uniform Safety Comes First with Oregon Linen

Bring the best out of your business and keep your staff safe with world-class fabric that is as form-fitting and comfortable as is durable. Call Oregon Linen today at 541-672-1663 to start your service, or email us to learn more about how we’re redefining the uniform industry!