How do you take care of your uniform needs? There’s no question about the benefits that the right uniforms can bring to a business. But it’s no secret, either, that keeping a uniform inventory can be a challenge in itself. Will uniform rental help ease these challenges?

So, Will Uniform Rental Help Your Business?

Here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to find out if uniform rental service is something you should consider:

How Many Uniforms Does My Business Need Every Week?

Volume and supply security is one of the most pertinent issues that uniform service providers solve. It not only helps ensure the availability of your uniforms but makes it convenient to do so. This is especially true for large-volume uniform inventories, but it is also a great solution for smaller inventories. A good gauge to measure is the comparison between your uniform maintenance capacity and your specific needs. If your business can no longer comfortably keep up with your uniform needs, then uniform rental offers you the best option.

How Much Do I Spend on Uniforms?

Cost is one of the most crucial areas of uniform supply management. Whether you’re procuring them or renting them, your uniforms are going to cost you money. With buying uniforms, you’re facing the cost of upfront investments and the cost of having to maintain them. And maintenance expenses are an umbrella of other costs – utilities, equipment, labor, etc. If you’re looking to cut down on your budget, uniform rental is the better option for you. Rentals let you bypass the cost of maintenance and the full price of brand-new uniforms.

How Much Time Do I (or My Employees) Spend Maintaining Uniforms?

Time is another resource that you and your employees put on the line when it comes to owning and maintaining uniforms. And we all know how limited that resource is. If you’re pressed for time, or would rather spend that time on areas that matter more, uniform rental will surely help.

The bottom line is this: the answer to the question “will uniform rental help my business” is yes regardless of how big or small your business may be. And Oregon Linen’s expert uniform rental service is the best place to get them.

The Answer to All Your Professional Uniform Needs

Oregon Linen has a proven track record for dependability. Our industry experience spans more than 70 years, and we have some of the most advanced garment care facilities in Southwestern Oregon. Our team of dedicated experts works tirelessly every day to bring the best results for your uniform needs:

  • Top-Notch Uniform Selections. Oregon Linen offers a wide selection of uniforms for use in different businesses, including restaurants, utilities, and industrial. We scrutinize each item to make sure that they meet the highest standards for quality, durability, and overall functionality. We also check each item for optimum wearer comfort and launderability.
  • Expansive Uniform Volume to Meet Your Inventory Needs. No matter how big or small your uniform inventory may be, our Oregon uniform rental service can take care of that. We have the supplies to address your needs, even through fluctuations, demand surges, and emergency situations.
  • Superior Maintenance Service for Your Uniforms. We use the most reliable garment processing techniques and technology to give you the best care for your uniforms. We have a carefully engineered laundry process that ensures not just the cleanliness of your uniforms. Our maintenance service also ensures that your uniforms retain their best qualities.

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With our speedy, efficient, and secure service delivery, you can always expect on-time and accurate uniform deliveries! Whether you’re looking to secure your supplies, cut costs, or get better results, Oregon Linen has got your needs covered.

There’s no need to keep asking “will uniform rental help my business”. Make the better choice for your business today. Call us at 541-672-1663 or contact us here to get to see what Oregon uniform rental service can do for your business.