Towel and apron restaurant services in Oregon are easy to find. The question is, will they provide the quality of material and service your business needs? Oregon Linen offers the best value when it comes to towel and apron service.

What Makes Oregon Linen the Best Choice for Your Restaurant?

It isn’t easy to find the right towel and apron service for your restaurant. There are four main reasons Oregon Linen stands out from the rest of the competition:

Family-Owned Business

Oregon Linen’s background as a family business gives us the community-minded approach that makes us so successful. We put everything into our exceptional customer service because we understand how important it is to keep you coming back. Our high customer retention rate speaks volumes about our dedication to quality towel and apron service. 

Our family approach works for more than just our customers. Employees typically stick with us for over 8 years because every member of our team is valued. This also benefits you since it means you are far more likely to get experienced and caring help from our staff than you are from anywhere else. 

Quality Assurance

Oregon Linen is an industry leader in quality assurance throughout the commercial laundry business for several reasons:

  • Detailed Inspections: If we find a product that doesn’t meet our standards, we either repair it or replace it with something that does.
  • Cleanliness: We guarantee that every towel and apron returned to you will look and feel as if it was never used before. 
  • Careful Protection: A protective wrap ensures cleanliness of materials upon during transport to your facility.

Reputable Service

The towel and apron service that Oregon Linen provides is a reputable service with a big focus on timely orders. It is impermissible for us to cause our clients to worry about whether or not deliveries will be on time. We are open and ready to communicate with you every step of the way to assure that you can focus on what really matters while we take care of the rest.

Oregon Linen is a proud member of the CSCNetwork, a respected group of independent commercial laundry businesses throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our continued membership in this organization allows us to learn from our neighbors and provide even higher quality towel and apron service for our customers. 

The Color Green

Oregon Linen’s Consistent Billing Program (CIP) guarantees you quality product at competitive rates. Our billing process has no hidden fees or sketchy up charges because transparency is important to us. Save money and provide customers and employees better product with our towel and apron service.

Since our founding in the 1960s, Oregon Linen has taken an environmentally friendly approach to our commercial laundry operations. We reuse hangers, rubber bands, and even water as much as we can to preserve energy and reduce waste. 

Oregon Linen is the Perfect Towel and Apron Service for Your Restaurant

Only Oregon Linen can provide your restaurant with such a high quality towel and apron service. And you can start today! Give us a call at (541) 672-1663 or reach out to us here for a free quote.